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The Wysdom difference


Fully Managed Service

Wysdom adopts a fully managed approach across AI technology, conversational journeys, and knowledge management. Our diverse team of highly educated and skilled resources handle everything from the initial set-up and integration to daily optimization and reporting. You tell us what matters to your customers and what matters to you. We’ll take it from there and keep you in the loop.


Daily Optimization and AI Training

AI vendors must move beyond technology and become great teachers. Our insight tools are integrated with our AI management and journey design tools to help prioritize improvements and help us teach and train your AI every day. This way, it’s constantly evolving and providing your customers with the best experience possible.


Faster AI learning

Draw from the world’s largest library of Conversational AI models, data, customer journeys, intents, phrases, responses, and small talk to engage with customers more intelligently from day one. Wysdom Exchange allows your AI to rapidly learn from existing data collected from your industry and others, and improve the robustness of your AI’s vocabulary and phraseology.


Insights that lead to action

From topic and satisfaction modelling to sentiment and journey analysis, our tools deliver actionable insights. Conversational data from multiple customer touch-points are pulled apart and categorized to generate valuable learning and uncover opportunities to improve performance and results.

The only Conversational AI guarantee in the industry.

Understand customer needs

Understand more than


of anything customers might say (NLU)

Resolve customer issues

Satisfy over


customers before a live interaction is required

Achieve high customer satisfaction

Make more than


of customers happy, on any channel

And the difference Wysdom makes?

Success. Since 2012, we've been leading the way in Conversational AI management. We know what works and what doesn't. Where other vendors fall short, we excel. Our experience shows us that it's not all about the technology, it's about how fast and how consistently your AI is learning your business. AI is unlike traditional applications - it requires constant training and immediate response to changes in consumer patterns, content and volume. Wysdom is the only solution that designs, builds, tests, deploys, administers, optimizes and reports critical business insights daily.

Service. A self-managed Conversational AI platform requires a significant investment in a highly-skilled, experienced and dedicated team, from data scientists and computational linguists to business analysts and conversational designers. However, since we're a full service, fully managed operation, we take care of all that for you. Coupled with our proprietary insight and AI management tools, our team of AI experts administer and optimize your AI daily, so it is continuously evolving and providing your customers with the best service possible.

Scalability. Our full service approach across AI technology, conversational journeys, and knowledge management ensures your AI's capabilities grow daily. We understand your customers' preferences more succinctly and learn from every customer interaction, no matter how they reach out. We then share these learnings across channels and continue to optimize daily. Our ability to react to spikes in business volume, velocity and variety are critical. Our cloud-based platform scales elastically and our dedicated teams of support, training, and optimization resources react instantaneously. No other Conversational AI vendor offers the resources, tools, data, and service we do.