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Virtual Agent Operations

Lean on an experienced team to oversee the day-to-day of your virtual agent

Great virtual agents don't just happen.

It takes understanding, discipline, and experience to analyze every conversation for optimal bot performance.

We have the team, the knowledge, the experience, and state-of-the-art tools to deliver the bot your business and customers deserve.

With our track record for managing chatbots for leading international brands, we offload you from tedious day-to-day maintenance, augment your team with Conversational AI expertise, and apply our best practices to deliver the quality and performance you’re expecting. 

The Wysdom AI difference

With 10+ years experience in Conversational AI, we know what it takes to create and sustain a successful virtual agent program. We’ve built a suite of AI management, customer journey management, and insight-gathering tools to keep your virtual agents working the way they should.

Chatbot insights

From behavioural analytics to training data and response diagnostics, Wysdom identifies customer experience breakdowns and highlights the causality chain of events, the root cause of your bot’s inability to handle customer requests, and tasks to improve virtual agent performance.

Conversational AI expertise

Depth of experience and expertise in large-scale enterprise deployments, implementing and optimizing conversational AI, managing compliance and risk, and collecting data across highly regulated industries including banking, telecom, retail, utilities, financial services, and more.

A collaborative partner

When you partner with us, you get assigned a team of specialists in different fields, trained on dozens of specialized bot optimization tools ready to help meet your objectives.

Constant learning

Our insights offer learnings that can be shared across your business teams while continually enhancing the virtual agent’s algorithmic performance, journey maps, and digital assets, to ensure you maximize your investment in AI.

We’ll meet your chatbot KPIs and your business objectives


Maximize cost savings when your virtual agents handle customer requests without transferring to a live agent.

Handoff accuracy

Have confidence knowing customers are sent to the right queues when transferred to a live agent.


Ensure your virtual agents know exactly why customers are interacting with the contact centre. 

Operational efficiency

Reduce call & live chat volumes and internal transfers by more than 30%.

Premium experience

Ensure customers love your virtual agent to the point of competitive envy. 

Revenue generation

Ensure your virtual agents know exactly why customers are interacting with the contact centre. 

The people who power your chatbot success

Program Director
Responsible for overall client success, including end-to-end delivery and optimization.
AI Lead
Leads all Conversational AI program activities, ensuring deliverables are of high quality and exceed client expectations.
AI Specialist
Drives client success by building conversation flows, performing AI training and partnering with clients to enhance deployments.
Experience Designer
Responsible for best-practice designs of the overall customer experience, including end-to-end dialogue flows and solution journeys.
Cognitive Data
Responsible for AI performance, quality of the corpus and Virtual Agent training ensuring optimal performance.
Trusted advisor to the client and responsible for the technical and end-to-end solutions integration of Wysdom services, working with linguists, data scientists, innovators and more.
Implementation Engineer
The technical representative from the implementation team, responsible for solution integration of the enterprise-grade conversational AI experience.
Making our client's customer experience better by writing queries, building dashboards and preparing analytical reports for product performance.

We get hands on with the leading chatbot platforms, services, and connected systems.

The best chatbots are built with experience

Wysdom operates virtual agents for some of the biggest international brands, making over 100 million conversations every year as effective as they can possibly be. 

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