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Virtual Agent Implementation

Rapid virtual agent implementation on any platform

As your Virtual Agent Implementation Partner, we provide recommendations for state-of-the-art NLP infrastructure combined with insight-gathering tools, design services, a massive library of AI training data, and the support of a team that cares about your success.

With Wysdom, you get:

Access to a tested, data-driven design and build strategy

Virtual agent templates for your industry the Wysdom Exchange

A team of experienced conversational AI experts

Domain expertise in telco, utilities, retail, finance, and insurance

Wysdom accelerates your path to success

By taking advantage of our turnkey service, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that your virtual agent is working optimally, with minimal management on your end. And since we deliver as-a-service, we’re able to agree on and commit to achieving specific KPIs.

Wysdom Exchange

Enhance your AI with a massive, ever-growing shared library of AI data (models, customer journey templates, intents, phrases, responses, and small talk) to make your virtual agent more robust and the fastest learner in your industry.

Wysdom Conversation Analytics

Understand your customer’s behaviour and unmet needs, how your conversational AI is performing, and where it can be improved with our proprietary topic clustering technology.

Wysdom Optimization

Have an experienced AI team (conversation designers, engineers, editors, analysts, and translators) working together to continually optimize the customer experience for your AI applications.

Any Virtual Agent Framework

Leverage Wysdom’s breadth and depth of experience, best practices, and KPI guarantees to be quickly up and running on the virtual agent framework of your choice.

Multi-channel support
Make your virtual assistant available on multiple channels, devices and languages.



Facebook Messenger


Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft Teams


Apple iOS


Google Assistant

Amazon Alexa





Kik Messenger

Learn what it takes to assess virtual agent platform vendors

Choosing a virtual agent platform that will support your growing VA needs for the next 10 years can be daunting. Let Wysdom’s team of experts support you through this step. Get a comprehensive list of questions to ask potential vendors, and get an easy-to-use scoring system to ensure you choose the right partner.

Enterprise software expertise

Part of making Conversational AI successful is integrating it with the right enterprise systems and applications to ensure it has all the data needed to interact with customers. Wysdom readily integrates with popular enterprise systems such as:

Industry Expertise

The best AI solutions are built around the best data.

We’ve focused our business on industries where we’ve captured knowledge in the Wysdom Exchange. This can benefit Conversational AI deployments in many other industries, and our AI team brings each client a combination of expert perspectives, fresh ideas and breakthrough business insights. 


Financial Services




Consumer Packaged Goods

Travel & Hospitality


Win the customer experience battle.

For many of our clients, a great product or service at the best price point isn’t enough anymore. Outstanding customer experience is the new differentiator. When every touchpoint has it, you’re in great shape. And if you can offer it 24/7, you’re golden.
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