The most effective cognitive care solution.

Customers expect fast, effective answers to their questions through their preferred social channels like Facebook and Twitter, your mobile apps, and your online chat and web search – Wysdom makes it possible.

3-years of operating with millions of customers have taught us that a full-service solution must include 4 key components to satisfy customers:

Wisdom AI
Cognitive Care


The right AI tech stack to enable all digital care channels with our powerful framework of ML and NLP processes.


Inject massive amounts of customer data for a more conclusive answer.

AI Framework

AI Framework

Powerful but flexible AI framework.

Wysdom Cognitive Core Framework
Cognitive Data


The smartest set of operational tools to run a growing cognitive system.

Hello. Bonjour. Hola.

Wysdom speaks many languages.


One place to learn

Train once for all digital channels.

Wysdom Cognitive Data Manager
Cognitive Data


A powerful advantage that provides you AI training data from Day 1.

AI training

Any AI solution is only as good as the data that is used to train it.


Don’t start from scratch

Instead, start with a massive cognitive care corpus.

AI Supervision

Supervising the training of an AI solution is a new skill, and something better done by a team with years of experience. Ensure top performance with our team of AI supervisors who have proprietary Wysdom tools and expertise.

Launch tomorrow

World class, at your fingertips.


Serving since 2014

The Wysdom team has been supervising AI system training for over 3 years.

Training Services

Let’s Talk

Let the Wysdom.AI team show you how quickly you can implement a cognitive care solution for your customers.