Wysdom makes use of some of the world’s best machine learning, deep learning, and neural network technologies. Wysdom’s unique Cognitive Data Exchange is updated every day with activity from millions of end-users. It boasts hundreds of thousands of top customer questions, thousands of intents, and is growing every day.

Every Wysdom product is powered by this Exchange, allowing for faster learning and better responses across channels. From differentiating billing, hardware, and subscription problems, to determining customer satisfaction and course-correcting in real time, the Exchange provides the smartest set of operational tools to run a growing cognitive system.

4 years experience means no cold starts. 50-60% of questions understood from day 1.

97.5% NLP precision rate; clients implementing Wysdom have seen a 68% inquiry success rate.

Get up and running faster than any other platform and easily add branded entities and unique questions.

Wysdom is continuously learning and is updated daily with activity from millions of end-users.



Wysdom Search powers Wysdom’s cognitive search products on web, app, and internal Customer Relationship Management systems. A customer asks questions using natural language; Wysdom returns answers that are fully personalized to that customer and the context on-hand.



Wysdom Conversations powers Wysdom’s chat, delivered through Facebook Messenger, Twitter, web chat, Google Assistant, Alexa, and all other major digital and social channels. This ranges from small talk to complex multi-step workflows, and provides seamless escalation to live agents where necessary.



Wysdom for IVR is a cloud-based IVR chat solution that lets your customers effortlessly transact with your business through natural spoken language, using the same Wysdom platform that powers your web and social chat, and cognitive search allowing for faster learning and better responses.


Our partners are some of the world’s most innovative technology leaders

Wysdom has forged relationships with global AI technology leaders, ensuring compatibility with your existing tools and workflows.

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