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Managed services

Lean on an experienced team to oversee the day-to-day

With a full roster of conversational AI experts, we’re here to provide oversight on post-implementation bot performance, offering best practices and recommendations to transform your bot into a high-performing digital agent.

Why Wysdom

Conversational AI expertise at your service

Don't settle for an average bot - let us help you make it better.

Launched a conversational bot, but not seeing the results you expected? 

Enter Wysdom. We will collaborate with you to ensure your bot delivers the high-quality, automated experiences you envisioned. 

Our team of conversational AI experts is equipped with strategies, techniques, and tools to proactively monitor conversational performance and bot responsiveness, to help you achieve the high-performing digital agent you have in mind.

The Wysdom experience

White glove collaboration

Our unwavering commitment to success is evident through our  regular interactions, including monthly strategic advisory  recommendations, and quarterly performance reviews, all aimed at ensuring your bot is delivering the outcomes your business is expecting. 

Insights-driven methodology

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. That’s why we apply the Operations Center, conversational analytics software, to continually measure, monitor, and improve conversation quality and bot responsiveness, making sure your customers get the right answers every time. 

Proven improvement framework

The cornerstone of our service is the rigorous 4-step Bot Improvement Framework, a systematic methodology followed by our entire team. This structured process, fortified by robust data and insights, guarantees a repeatable and effective strategy for continuous improvement. 

Our approach

An expert approach to conversational success

Our philosophy is that it’s not “just a bot”. Conversational AI is a great way to engage your customers, and the Wysdom team is here to help with end-to-end operational management and optimization of your conversational bot. 

Our seasoned team collaborates closely with your organization, to develop a custom conversational strategy, dedicated to developing high-quality automated experiences for cost-effective value for your organization.

Our philosophy is that it’s not “just a bot”. Conversational AI is a great way to engage your customers, but there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The Wysdom team is here to work with you, understand the nuances of your business, and support your vision to transform your bot into your highest performing agent.

Not only do we have specialized conversational project managers, UX, UI & conversational designers but we are experienced in all types of conversational bots, and our conversational analytics software gives the insight needed for ongoing performance improvements. 

Bot implementation is just the beginning of your journey. As your business changes and grows, our team is here to help you navigate the evolution of your needs with a forward-looking strategy that continues to deliver the best solution for your business. 

An experienced team that delivers on conversational AI excellence

Program Director

Responsible for overall client success, including end-to-end delivery and optimization.

Conversational Experience Designer​

Responsible for best-practice designs of the overall customer experience, including end-to-end dialogue flows and solution journeys.

Conversational AI Specialist

Drives client success by building conversation flows, performing AI training and partnering with clients to enhance deployments.

Implementation Engineer​

The technical representative from the implementation team, responsible for solution integration of the enterprise-grade conversational AI experience.


The best conversational bots are built with experience

“Wysdom has been an outstanding partner for us. The team’s extensive knowledge of Conversational AI, combined with their impressive conversational bot analytics software, has been instrumental in enhancing our bot’s performance.”
International Retail Bank
“Thanks to the Wysdom team, we've gained valuable insights that have helped us build a business case for expanding automation to new use cases.”
Global Retail Brand

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