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Wysdom Operations Center together with Google Dialogflow is a power duo that helps you gain a complete understanding of the customer conversation from chatbot to voice bot to live agent, so you can improve the bot experience.

Operations Center: Chatbot analytics and intelligence

  • Full conversation analysis from entry to exit: Get holistic data from the customer journey from chatbot to voice bot to live agent. 
  • Automated transcript search: Dig into transcripts on any channel, and hone in on the details using search filters like date, channel, language, topic, and more. 
  • Performance metrics by contact reason: Measure customer satisfaction, bot automation, and even call handle time  according to topic-based contact reasons, to quickly identify performance improvements for both bot and live agent. 
  • Missing intent recommendations: Receive suggestions for new intents that have been discovered by an external natural language processing (NLP) model. 
  • Impact analysis tools: Measure the effectiveness of bot product upgrades by measuring  and comparing bot experience and bot automation according to topic or other metrics over  a period of time. 
  • Industry-standard bot performance metrics: Compare bot performance with industry peers using the Bot Experience and Bot Automation Scores, to identify areas for improvement. 
  • Financial performance metrics: Track cost savings or revenue gains achieved from  bot performance improvements. 

Dialogflow: Reporting tools to see and understand chat journeys

  • Usage metrics: Track # of sessions & interactions, average duration, and % of interactions with not-OK status. 
  • Path: See frequencies found in paths within a flow, aggregated at a session level; along with average duration and exit points. 
  • Understanding: See aggregate metrics on unhandled messages, sessions, interactions and exit % at the intent and flow level. 
  • Sentiment analysis: Evaluate customer intent as positive or negative, and identify opportunities for flow adjustments.

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