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What you will learn

  • Personalize the retail experience by providing individualized product suggestions for customers based on their preferences, purchase history, and browsing behavior
  • Improve efficiency and speed to respond quickly to customers by automating repetitive tasks, managing high volumes of inquiries simultaneously, and reducing the need for manual intervention
  • Enhance performance and accuracy, streamline operations, and improve customer support by using machine learning to gain insights from customer interactions and data

Conversational AI is transforming the retail industry by creating omnichannel customer experiences that are differentiated, personalized, and seamless. Is your business ready to harness it?

Conversational AI helps retailers connect with their customers and build loyalty by offering tailored, smooth interactions every day across various channels and devices—all while helping to save on business costs.

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Tariq Bethune - Wysdom
Tariq Bethune
Senior Conversational AI Specialist

Catherine McSweeney - Microsoft
Catherine McSweeney
Americas Go-To-Market Lead for Power Platform
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