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What you will learn

Join this spellbinding journey to uncover the framework necessary to transform ordinary conversational AI bots into extraordinary mission-critical digital companions:

  • Why you need a repeatable bot management process.
  • Strategies for unearthing your chatbot’s richest realms of enhancement.
  • How to stop spellcasting aimlessly and prioritize incantations for IMPACT!
  • How to initiate the sorcery of scrutiny to actually track improvements.
  • What does an end-to-end bot management sprint look like.

This captivating session is meticulously designed for product owners, chatbot designers, developers and guardians of customer experience, drawing parallels between your journey and the illustrious path trodden by Harry Potter and his comrades.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

The Curse of Misguided Efforts: How to unearth effective approaches to avoid assumptions, move beyond outdated practices, and make informed decisions.

The Deathly Hallows of Isolation: How to get the best out of your data to improve customer service, discover automation roadmap items, and craft exceptional customer journeys through chatbot integration.

The Goblet of Fire’s Intent Quagmire: How to avoid falling into the trap of stagnant intent management, evolving beyond endless refining of classifications. 

The Phantom Measurement Dementor: How to achieve precision in your Improvement efforts by mastering tools and techniques to accurately measure the real impact of your enhancements.

When is it? 

Now! this webinar is available to watch on-demand.

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