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What you will learn

  • AI-based technology that classifies both virtual and live agent interactions into Conversation Topics, for easy search and discovery
  • Performance insights that follow every conversation as it progresses from chatbot or voicebot, to live agent, based on topic
  • Agent Experience Score, a topic-based metric, that helps you spot automation candidates, based on how customers interact with live agents
  • Where to start with live agent data and insights to upgrade virtual conversation flows

The data found in live agent conversations hold untapped potential for chatbot operators. Without this data, optimization then becomes a game of assumptions and guesswork.

With it, you get to build better-automated experiences, increase first-contact resolution rates, and lower your total cost per conversation. By equipping yourself with this information, it’s possible to measure and compare conversational experiences as they progress from bot to live agent, giving you rich insight into which conversations might be better handled via automation.

In this webinar, Tap into the hidden data from live agent conversations, and build a better bot, we’re going to dig into the unique insights of the Agent Experience Score, that helps you uncover automation opportunities using live agent conversation data.

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