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Jay Athia from Wysdom shares why containment doesn’t tell you the full story of how your chatbot is performing.

Jay Athia, Sr. Director, of Customer Success at Wysdom discusses the limitations of relying solely on containment metrics for evaluating chatbot performance. 

In this video, Jay explains why containment doesn’t tell you the full story. He provides an example of a client experience where despite achieving an impressive containment rate, customers remained unsatisfied, leading to increased call volume and higher support costs.

Instead, there are other signals in the conversation that you need to consider in order to understand whether the conversation was successful. This is so much more meaningful than looking at containment, which is misleading on its own.

Click the link to watch the video and discover why when it comes to chatbot metrics, containment has its place, but it isn’t enough.

Want to watch the full webinar? Check out Into the Black Hole: The metrics that matter for measuring chatbot performance webinar on-demand here.

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