Want to see how we do chatbot analytics? Join us for a product demo webinar.

Live webinar

Operations Center
live product demo

Tuesday, March 21st   |  11:00 am ET
Jay Athia
Sr. Director,
Customer Success
David Trotter
SVP, Sales
& Marketing

What we’ll show

Talk to any AI bot owner, and they will tell you that a chatbot is never “set and forget”. A high performing bot requires ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and updates. 

The challenge is finding out where it’s struggling, and coming up with a meaningful plan to fix it. 

Join Jay Athia, Senior Director, Customer Success, where he shows you how to uncover the hidden ways your customers are interacting with your chatbot, identify which fixes will have the biggest impact, and how to measure the impact of your changes.

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Join us for a live demo of the Wysdom Operations Center

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