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The “as-a-service” difference

Unlike typical vendors that rely on you to constantly monitor and optimize, we do all the work for you as your business evolves, from set-up to optimization. Your only job is to tell us what matters to your customers and what matters to you. We’ll take it from there and keep you in the loop.

And because it’s a service, we can agree on and commit to specific KPI’s, like reducing the number of live interactions or driving the purchase of a specific product.

Virtual Assistant

This is a fully-managed text-based Conversational AI product that can be run on your website, your apps, your internal tools, and your social channels. Your customers will get answers faster, 24/7, and if necessary be transferred to a live agent without having to repeat themselves. The agent will get a full history of the conversation up to that point.

Smart Talk

This lets your customers interact with your brand through a smart device like a smart speaker and lets you serve up brand and product information through platforms like Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri and Cortana. It makes your customers experience with you more convenient and far less time-consuming.

Cognitive Search

This fully managed NLP search tool replaces traditional enterprise search bars on websites, apps, forums, internal tools and can pull answers from unstructured data in your ecosystem. It saves time and frustration by returning precise results based on the intent of a query instead of the keywords. Whether it’s an employee, a customer or a supplier doing a search, they’ll get the exact information they need faster.

Conversational IVR

This is a fully-managed voice-based Conversational AI product that creates life-like interactions for customers who call you. Its industry leading speech-to-text and text-to-speech AI recognizes intent and sentiment, and addresses concerns or questions naturally and helpfully. Your customers will never have to sit through a list of options they don’t want, and they’ll never be given answers to questions they didn’t ask.

The most comprehensive AI offering

No other Conversational AI vendor offers the tools, data and service we do. Whether you launch one or all of our products, you’ll have the benefit of a complete support package that includes our AI and customer journey management, insights tools, a library of AI assets, and a state-of-the-art NLP infrastructure.

Wysdom Exchange

This is an industry-filtered shared library of AI models, customer journey templates, intents, phrases, responses, and small talk that grows every day. As your AI draws data from the exchange, its robustness and accuracy will improve, as will the overall customer experience.

Wysdom AI Optimization

This is a group of experienced conversation designers, ML engineers, editors, linguists, analysts and translators who come with our as-a-service offering. Optimizing AI is all they do, every day. Rather than sourcing all these experts yourself (and paying for their expertise when you need them), they’ll all be in the background from day one making sure your Conversational AI products are working optimally.

Wysdom Studio

Studio is powered by proprietary tools we developed in house, like satisfaction modeling, impact scoring, relevancy filters, novelty scoring, content classifiers, explicit feedback analyzers, response generators, intent recommenders, and more. It gathers customer behaviour, automatically predicts where we can optimize your journeys, dialogues, content and NLP as needed so you’re always in the position to give your customers what they want.

Wysdom NLP Infrastructure

This is the foundation for our products. It includes our NLU pipeline, personalization engine, omni-channel connectors and SDKs, machine learning models, integration adapters, fuzzy matching engine, PII scrubbers and security features that follow the strictest guidelines for privacy and compliance.

Professional & Optimization Services

Discover. Design. Deploy.

You’ll love the simplicity of being brought through our structured AI build methodology. Our professional services team ensures our clients receive consistently high-quality Conversational AI deployments.

Analyze. Optimize. Report.

Just like human students, Conversational AI needs a teacher. That’s why every day our teams analyze your customers interactions, prioritize what can be improved, and deliver a real-time view of all operational and business metrics.