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Virtual Agent Analytics

Fine tune your bot to understand and respond to all your customers’ needs

Get fast answers about intent configuration and bot responsiveness, then zero in on the details to know what to upgrade for highest impact.

Ready to make your bot great?

Your window into bot performance

Keep tabs on what's working, and zero in when it’s not

Set targets and monitor trends related to intent configuration and NLU performance. Use AI-based prioritization to fix what will deliver the biggest impact, when performance falls out out of range to find the root cause.

Fine tune performance based on data, not guesswork

With over 200 bot-centric metrics, including NLU rates, false positives, reason for hand-off, model performance, training utterances, and more, find out exactly what’s happening under the hood.

Equip your bot to handle all your customers’ questions

Lean on AI to identify all the  messages that your bot doesn’t understand, on a daily basis, and upgrade the NLU with message transcripts, to give your customers the answers they came for.  

Response Performance

Quickly grasp the quality of the bot responses returned to your customer’s queries. Find and fix content gaps to dramatically improve conversation quality.

  • Response metrics include: # of times presented, bot repetition, feedback, sentiment & agent handoffs.
  • AI-based technology prioritizes a list of responses needing attention.

Intent Performance

Gain deep understanding of how intents are performing, including when and where issues are occurring, so you can upgrade the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and improve bot responsiveness. 

  • Intent metrics include # of utterances, bot repetition, false positives, “did you mean” confidence thresholds, utterances not understood, and more.  
  • AI-based technology identifies issue rate, drawing attention to problematic intents.
  • Click through problematic intents to review the precise details for all presented metrics.

Intent discovery

Use AI to easily find all the messages your bot doesn’t understand, and in just a few clicks get at the conversation data needed to retrain existing intents, or design new ones.

  • Automatic topic identification, using AI-based technology.
  • Associate conversations to new or existing intents.
  • Build a list of messages and transcripts in one-click.

Performance Comparison

Keep a close eye on bot performance trends, and quickly zero in when KPIs fall out of range. Set targets on any metric, and monitor performance against changes made in the system.

  • Metrics include chat volume, contained conversations, handed-off conversations, corpus, response, feedback issues, and NLU training.
  • Set date filters for daily, weekly, or monthly monitoring
    Filter for language or channel.

Real customers, real success

Real customers, real success

Online home and auto insurer uses Operations Center to increase virtual agent automation by 3X.

The Wysdom Operations Center provided game-changing visibility into virtual agent performance, making it easy to find automation opportunities, and expand self-serve transactions related to policy updates and paying premiums.

Big box retailer uses analytics to grow bot automation by 19%, resulting in massive savings.

With the Wysdom Operations Center, this retailer was able to zero in on a high-volume intent that needed help, ending up in better automation and customer experience, and adding up to significant cost savings.

See it in action

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