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Conversation Analytics

Turn every conversation into a unique experience

Get hands on with conversation data, to truly understand why customers are engaging with your bot, and help them get the answers they came for.

Ready to make your bot great?

Go from conversation data to insights, without the headache

Discover the real reasons customers contacted your bot

Go beyond intent analysis and track the main reasons your customers are engaging with your bot. Monitor performance KPIs according to contact reasons.

Go from trends to transcripts in just a few clicks

Use insights to inform, then click through to actual messages, to learn how customers are engaging with your bot. No SQL, no chat logs, and no specialized data resources.

See the full conversation, from start to finish

Engagement doesn’t start and end with the bot. Capture the full conversation from bot to live agent in a coherent analytics portal, so you can understand the end-to-end customer experience.

Conversation Topics

Like an audit for your intents, Conversation Topics shows you what your customers wanted to talk about, giving a consistent view of conversation data across all platforms and channels for easy analysis and understanding.

  • AI-based topic model groups all conversations according to what the customer wanted to talk about 
  • See topic-level performance including volume, bot experience, bot automation, agent experience scores, average cost per conversation, containment, and more.
  • Filter for date, channel, brand, and more.
  • Drill through to find related topics, or access conversation transcripts.
  • Support for English, French, Spanish; Contact us for other languages.

AI-based topic model organizes conversations into the 120 most frequent topics, for easy consumption & review.

Transcript Search

Get hands-on with actual conversations, and accelerate your ability to extract meaning from automated experiences.

  • Includes transcript across bot, customer, & live agent interactions.
  • Search transcripts for specific keywords.
  • LLM transcript summary.
  • Filter for containment, handle time, sentiment, hand-off, and more.
  • Export and save search results.

Impact Analysis

See the impact of your efforts, by comparing performance before and after changes.

  • Get a before and after snapshot for containment, agent hand-off, sentiment and more
  • Visualize trending over time on any metric

Filter for date, topic, or channel

Real customers, real success

Real customers, real success

Online home and auto insurer uses Operations Center to increase virtual agent automation by 3X

The Wysdom Operations Center provided game-changing visibility into virtual agent performance, making it easy to find automation opportunities, and expand self-serve transactions related to policy updates and paying premiums.

Big box retailer uses analytics to grow bot automation by 19%, resulting in massive savings

With the Wysdom Operations Center, this retailer was able to zero in on a high-volume intent that needed help, ending up in better automation and customer experience, and adding up to significant cost savings.

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