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Wysdom Operations Center

Analytics software for chatbot teams

The Wysdom Operations Center equips chatbot teams with the insights they need to deliver exceptional experiences with Conversational AI.

In-depth reporting and analytics from each and every conversation provides unparalleled insight to understand and improve bot automation and bot experience, and build a conversational AI program that creates value.

Funnel conversational data into a central hub for quick & easy access and discovery

Capture conversations from chatbots, voicebots, and live agents and find opportunities to improve customer journeys.

  • Capture data from all bot platforms, use cases, channels & services.
  • Breakout by sub-brands or roll up for consolidated reporting.
  • Filter and analyze according to channel, language, or other business requirements.

See the complete conversation journey

Access the customer conversation from entry to exit to uncover new opportunities to improve the bot experience.

  • Analyze the consolidated or individual performance of chatbot, voicebot, or live agent conversations.
  • Dig deep into conversations and compare containment, automation, and sentiment between bot versus live agent.

Surface up detailed insights in just a few clicks

  • Hone in on topic performance according to volume, containment, and customer experience.
  • Search transcripts with filters for date, channel, language, and more, and measure bot performance according to what customers are actually saying.
  • Find missing intents with an AI-based language model.

Go beyond surface level reporting and measure what matters to your business.

Bot Experience Score

Go beyond surveys and measure customer experience using signals that are automated from within the chatbot data.

Bot Automation Score

Find out how well your bot satisfies customers' inquiries without escalating to an agent.

Agent Experience Score

Understand how conversations progress when transferred from bot to live agent, to find opportunities for bot improvement.

Demonstrate conversational ROI

Produce executive-ready reports that connects investment decisions to business outcomes.

I now have access to the data and insights I need to convince my CFO to accelerate our investment in Conversational AI. 

Director, Information Technology
Mid-size Telecommunications Company

Better bot insights with purpose built bot analytics software

The features you need to dig into your data, with ease.

Large language models
Topic insights
Impact analysis tools
Transcript search
Channel & language monitoring
Utterance and intent library

Add Operations Center bot analytics software to your existing cloud or platform environment

We offer direct integration with Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Rasa, Salesforce, and dozens of other platforms and systems.

Ready to see Operations Center in action?

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Introducing Wysdom

We’ve got the tools, team, and expertise to make your chatbots and voicebots great. Watch this video to see how we do it.

Need help with your virtual agent? We’ve got you.

In addition to our Operations Center onboarding services, we have the team, tools, and experience to help you build, launch, and scale a chatbot program with impact.

Virtual Agent Implementation

Rapid virtual agent implementation on any of the top bot platforms.

Virtual Agent Operations

Operating bots for some of the biggest brands in North America and Europe since 2012.

Virtual Agent Tune-Ups

Turn an ordinary bot into a supercharged one in no time with a quick tune-up.

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