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Wysdom Operations Center

Fast track bot improvement with conversational analytics

Conversational analytics software that empowers chatbot teams – from digital product owners, to chatbot operators, conversation designers, and digital analysts – to monitor and improve the performance and quality of their AI bots.

Why Operations Center

Gain a deep understanding of bot performance

Measure what matters

Monitor the technical metrics and translate the outcomes into business KPIs, and better communicate the impact of conversational AI for your business. 

  • Three cornerstone KPIs summarize how well your bots are automating every conversation, what your customers think, and how much you’re paying to have the conversation.
  • The most complete set of conversational metrics on the market gives you insight and guidance to improve conversation quality and bot responsiveness.



Live agent


and more.

One analytics platform, all conversations

Capture and organize conversational data from all voice bots, text bots, and live agents into one location, for an end-to-end view conversational performance.

  • Industry-forward AI processes the context of every conversation into topics, organizing them into a common nomenclature for easy analysis
  • See summary performance, or dive into the details and get the information you need to drive improvement.

All access pass to conversational data

Get direct access to every message – including transcripts and meta-data – from chatbots, voicebots, and live agent conversations, giving you everything you need to dig in and fix performance issues.

  • Use real customer messages to fix content gaps and upgrade bot responses.
  • Go from the surface to the details in just a few clicks, without having to rely on other teams to extract the data for you.
  • Data is refreshed every 24 hours, so you can see trends as they happen, and act quickly when KPIs fall out of range.
See high level metrics, then click through to get the full story.

Ditch the guesswork with real data insights

Make smart decisions with unprecedented visibility into conversation performance and bot responsiveness.

Conversation Analytics

Conversation insights, at your fingertips

See every conversation from your bot to the live agent, to make sure your customers are getting the answers – and the experience – they came for. 

Virtual Agent Analytics

Your window into AI bot responsiveness

Get fast answers into intent configuration, NLU model performance, and bot responses, to quickly zero in on what’s working – and what needs to be improved.

Connect to your conversational ecosystem

Get the most out of your AI bot data by connecting Operations Center with your conversational ecosystem

Conversational bot analytics software that works well with bot development platforms including Google Dialogflow, Kore.ai, Microsoft PowerVA, Salesforce Einstein, Amazon Lex, IBM Watson, and dozens of others. It also connects with CCAS platforms such as Genesys, Five9, Avaya, and others.

Cornerstone metrics

Measure what matters

Measured globally or for each conversation topic, these metrics tell you how well your chatbots are meeting business goals.

  • Get to the root of how your chatbots are meeting business goals with three cornerstone KPIs that measure automation, experience, and cost.
  • Answer questions about how well your bot is automating conversations, and how your customers like it.

Did the bot solve the customer’s problem? More than containment, Operations Center will help you uncover whether the bot was effective in getting the customer the information they came for.

How did the customer feel when engaging with the bot? AI modeling in Operations Center analyzes signals found within the conversation to give you a more accurate understanding of the customer experience.

The promise of a chatbot is cost savings, so we give you clarity on how much you’re paying across all your conversations.

Features that give you more

Operations Center helps you uncover what’s really happening in your automated conversations

With over 200 metrics unique to the performance of conversational bots, get all the information you need to improve the quality and performance of your conversational bot.

Data refresh every 24 hours.

Works with intent-based and gen-AI based bots.

AI-based false positives model.

Can process English, French & Spanish conversations; please contact Wysdom for other languages.

AI-based topic model processes the context of every conversation.

Direct connections to data warehouse available.

Removes all Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

Growth by numbers

Move the needle on your KPIs


Number of conversations analyzed last year


Average quarterly increase in Bot automation score


Average quarterly increase in Bot experience score


Average quarterly cost savings per conversation

Does this sound familiar?
Operations Center can help.

My bot is underperforming, I need to swap out the platform!

Getting access to the data is too complicated and takes too long!

What improvements do I tackle first?

Where is my bot struggling?

Are the changes I’m making having an impact?

Is our chatbot saving us money?

See it in action

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