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18 May 2023

Wysdom AI, experts in bot management software and solutions, is excited to introduce several new innovations in the latest release of the Wysdom Operations Center. Chatbot teams can now take advantage of transcript summaries, powered by Open AI, direct integrations with Dialogflow and Microsoft PowerVA bot development platforms, the Agent Experience Score, and others. These features empower chatbot teams with unprecedented insights to improve chatbot performance. 

With the help of Open AI-powered Transcript Summaries, chatbot managers can quickly review conversation details, including customer questions, button choices, bot responses, and whether there was live agent escalation. In the event of an escalation, a summary of the corresponding customer and agent conversation is also captured. This means no more wasted time scrolling through chat logs or spreadsheets, and no more missed opportunities for improvement.

Integrations with leading bot development platforms, including Dialogflow and Microsoft PowerVA, give chatbot teams new access to bot platform data. This includes the conversation transcript, metadata related to button choices, escalation, intent matching, entities, and end response. With this level of visibility, chatbot teams are fully equipped with up-to-date conversation data, allowing them to focus on fixing what’s not working, rather than running SQL queries, chasing down data specialists, or doing manual investigation and guesswork.  

The new Agent Experience Score is a game-changer for chatbot teams that connects what happens when virtual conversations progress to a live agent. The score is calculated globally, but also on specific topics, by looking at signals within the data such as agent abandonment, wait time, handle time, and sentiment. By using this tool, chatbot team members can zero in on topics that would benefit from automation, driving greater satisfaction with bot engagement.

ChatGPT is revolutionizing how we develop, analyze, and manage virtual agents. With this innovative transcript summary, we are able to significantly reduce the time needed to analyze conversations and extract key information. Chatbot teams can now work in a more efficient and streamlined manner, thanks to this game-changing upgrade.
Astha Sethi –
VP Product, Wysdom AI
We speak with chatbot teams every day, and one of the biggest challenges they have is getting access to the information they need to improve the performance of their virtual agent. With every release, we continue to remove the manual work of sifting through conversation data, reliance on external teams, and the guesswork that goes into bot improvement, instead giving chatbot teams the tools and insights they need to build better bots with ease.
Ian Collins –
CEO, Wysdom AI

Other significant innovations included in the release that improve the day to day operations of chatbot teams:

  • Integration with Salesforce Service Cloud that allows chatbot teams to access conversations between live agents and customers, including agent ID and agent queues, in order to analyze the full conversation from entry to exit
  • The ability to set goals and monitor progress for each of the three most important metrics of bot health including bot automation, bot experience, and agent experience, at a global level to monitor overall performance, but also at the level of individual   conversation topics.  

These innovations are now available on Operations Center; customers have immediate access within the software, and companies looking to accelerate bot performance discovery, can contact us for a demo of the Wysdom Operations Center. Wysdom will also share a demo of transcript summary in our upcoming webinar “ChatGPT & virtual agent analytics, designing and managing enterprise chatbots with confidence”. 

For information about this announcement, contact marketing@wysdom.ai 

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