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Wysdom Company News
October 3, 2017

Wysdom, formerly known as CrowdCare, announced today it has raised $8.5 million, led by ScaleUP Ventures with participation from investors Brightspark Ventures and Mantella Venture Partners. This additional capital will fuel the global expansion of Wysdom’s industry-leading cognitive care solution for the enterprise.

Capitalizing on the growth and recognition of the Wysdom solution, Wysdom is simultaneously announcing a comprehensive retooling of the company’s messaging and brand. Research from Cowen and Company shows “81% of IT leaders are currently investing in or planning to invest in Artificial Intelligence (AI)” solutions. With the Wysdom cognitive care solution currently deployed with enterprise clients in the UK, Europe, and North and South America, Wysdom is a pioneer in artificial intelligence-based digital care and omni-channel support and perfectly positioned to take advantage of this emerging market.

“We’ve been monitoring the AI hype for the past few years, and have sought out companies with real operational experience in the market. With years of deep expertise behind them, the team at Wysdom has timed the market perfectly as it reaches maturity. The company is solidly positioned to capitalize on the wave of enterprise demand that will happen over the next few years,” says Kevin Kimsa, General Partner at ScaleUp Ventures.

Wysdom’s cognitive care solution allows the enterprise to deliver AI based customer care across all digital channels (Facebook Messenger, Twitter, online chat, in-app etc…), in several languages including English, French, and Spanish. The Wysdom solution is a full suite that includes the tech stack, the operational tools, a massive corpus and an experienced AI supervision team.

“We saw an opportunity years ago to combine the emergence of machine learning applied to understanding a natural language phrase from a customer with a massive amount of customer data that would refine that understanding,” said Ian Collins, CEO and co-founder of Wysdom. “After applying that formula successfully to our first few large enterprise clients and spending a few years evolving the solution in partnership with our customers we’ve found ourselves in a perfect position to dominate the emerging category of Cognitive Care. With this investment, we will scale our business and take this solution to hundreds of new clients.”

Wysdom learns from its interactions in support, constantly adding new questions and answers to its corpus. Wysdom grows and cultivates this unique dataset alongside your business and already boasts 125,000 specific customer questions and a 97.5% precision rate. Wysdom clients have seen a containment rate over 60% on customer inquiries.

Wysdom’s rebranding, led by Head of Marketing Tony Vlismas, brings what was always a traditional symbol of CrowdCare’s progressive thinking to the forefront. A solitary bird of prey, the owl is known for its strength, vision, silence, and camouflage. Much like its logo, Wysdom is a strong silent partner for its enterprise clients, doing the heavy lifting in the background while maintaining a solid sightline on the future needs and innovation of AI-based digital care.

“AI is quickly becoming a crowded space in the startup world and the term is too easily thrown around to describe solutions – such as simple bots – which aren’t truly AI. This is a disservice to both the clients and customers they claim to help. Wysdom represents the opposite of that; intelligence, strength, longevity – the wherewithal needed to build true digital care,” said Vlismas.

Wysdom’s sales team is growing with the addition of two new Sales Directors. Robin Stroud, based in Toronto, has over 10 years experience in enterprise software business development and solutions. Kristen Keely, based in Atlanta, Georgia, has driven enterprise success in cloud software solutions in sales, product and marketing. Visit Wysdom.ai to get in touch with anyone on the Wysdom team.

About Wysdom

Wysdom offers the world’s most mature multi-channel enterprise cognitive care solution to deliver fast, effective and personalized answers to customer questions. Companies around the world rely on Wysdom’s solution to deliver exceptional automated answers to their customers questions while increasing satisfaction and loyalty, and reducing customer care expenses. With millions of actual customer questions analyzed over many years, Wysdom is the most effective enterprise digital care solution in the market today. For more information visit wysdom.ai.

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