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November 15, 2022
By committing to plant 1,117 trees in forests across the US and Canada, Wysdom demonstrates its commitment to environmental restoration. 

Wysdom AI, the leading chatbot analytics company, is proud to share the news that we have partnered with veritree, a data-driven platform company that connects nature-based solutions with mission-driven companies. Through this initiative, Wysdom commits to plant as many as 1,117 verified trees, and contribute to the restoration of the environment.   

Through this innovative partnership with veritree, Wysdom will contribute to wildfire restoration efforts in British Columbia, Canada; Michigan, Montana and Oregon.

“The climate crisis is real and is affecting the world we live in every day. We share a common vision with Wysdom AI, that collectively we can make a difference by investing in verified restorative solutions.” said Derrick Emsley, CEO of veritree. “Together, we will be partnering with tree planting organizations across Canada and the U.S. to support post-fire reforestation which will help to enhance our ecosystems, improve water and soil quality, and sequester carbon”.

“Nature is one of our greatest allies to fighting climate change,” says Nitin Singhal, COO, Wysdom. “By partnering with veritree, we are contributing to the long-lasting environmental betterment of our planet, ecosystems, and local communities through verified reforestation. With veritree, we can tap into a global network of planting partners and innovative blockchain technology to manage, monitor, verify, and track the regenerative impact of our contribution, over time.” 

How can you help? Sign up for, and attend, a demo of the Wysdom Operations Center, and we commit to planting 25 trees on your behalf, sequestering an equivalent amount of carbon comparable to what is emitted by 4.4 mid-size vehicles each year – it’s that simple. Click here to get started. You can also learn more about this initiative on our website.

About veritree

veritree is a data-driven, restorative platform that connects climate solutions with mission-driven companies ready to lead the restorative economy. With on-the-ground monitoring and blockchain verification, veritree improves transparency and trust through data and tools that revitalize ecosystems, strengthen communities, and build climate solutions.

The success behind tentree’s planting program, veritree scales consumer-centric programs between planting organizations and corporations around the world. veritree’s mission is to restore the planet – planting and verifying one billion trees within the decade. For more information, visit veritree.com.

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