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July 25, 2023
Genesys customers now have access to reporting and analytics capabilities, unique to virtual agents, to make their bots great.
Screenshot of Wysdom Operations Center listed as a featured solution on the Genesys AppFoundry

Wysdom is excited to be featured by the Genesys AppFoundry, a marketplace of solutions offering a curated selection of applications and integrations that elevate customer and employee experiences. By partnering with Wysdom, Genesys customers can enrich their conversational AI solutions with reporting and analytics capabilities unique to virtual agents, empowering improved performance and quality of digital self-serve experiences. 

The key to building a great chatbot is having access to conversation data, coupled with the right analytics that allow you to know how well your bot is automating experiences, delivering high CSAT, and achieving cost targets, and the Operations Center makes it easy to do just that. 

Operations Center works with Genesys solutions, and the digital and conversational technology stack, empowering Genesys customers in a number of ways: 

1 – Access all conversational data from a common view, for easy analysis 

Operations Center captures and organizes all conversational data starting with a Genesys or third-party chatbot or voicebot, all the way through to the live agent, into a common reporting view. All conversations are automatically grouped into topics, using AI-classification, for an easy-to-understand, consistent view of the data across all platforms and channels.

2 – Understand virtual agent performance with three summary metrics

Bot Automation Score, Bot Experience Score and Cost per Automated Conversation let you easily find out how well your bot is automating experiences, helping your customer get answers quickly and without frustration, and how much you’re paying for every automated conversation, for the bot overall, and also at the topic level. Drill through any metric right down to transcripts that span the entire conversation from virtual agent to live agent for a deep understanding

3 – Make smart decisions around driving automation to the virtual agent, and accelerate first contact resolution

Connect the dots between virtual agent and live agent conversations using topics, to find subjects that would be better resolved through virtual agent interaction, or which ones should be accelerated to live agent escalation. 

For Genesys customers looking for more information about Wysdom, we also invite you to join our webinar: Tap into the hidden data from live agent conversations, and build a better bot.

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