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July 27, 2023
Join us in Washington DC from September 5-7, 2023 where Ian Collins and Jay Athia will be presenting on chatbot analytics, bot management, and the Wysdom Operations Center.
Image of 3 chatbots and Wysdom logo. Text: VOICE & AI - The Leading Conference at the Intersection of Conversational and Generative AI
September 5-7, 2023
Washington Hilton | Washington, DC

VOICE & AI event description

Leverage the power of AI to drive customer interaction at VOICE & AI 2023 – the premier event that brings the global conversational and generative AI communities together. 

Don’t miss our three sessions where you’ll have the opportunity to hear from Conversational AI industry experts Ian Collins, Wysdom CEO, and Jay Athia, Senior Director of Customer Success at Wysdom. They will cover topics such as chatbot metrics, bot management, and present a live demo of the Wysdom Operations Center, a chatbot analytics platform. 

Dates & location

Sep 5 – 7, 2023 at the Washington Hilton

1919 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 483-3000

Meet Wysdom at booth #416

Come on by and say hi! We’d love to meet you and chat about bot analytics and Conversational AI. 

Schedule and agenda

From chaos to clarity: The three metrics you need to prove chatbot performance 
  • Session info: Wed Sep 6 at 3:10 pm
  • Location: Columbia Ballroom Mainstage at Washington Hilton

All too often, companies launch a chatbot without any plan in place to manage and grow its performance. Shortly after going live however, they realize they lack the data, insights, and plan, that they need to improve the quality and demonstrate the true value the bot brings to the business. 

In this session we help you cut through the noise of false metrics, like containment, NLU rate, CSAT and more, and share the true KPIs that you need to improve performance, and show the business impact of Conversational AI.

Featured speaker: Ian Collins, CEO, Wysdom AI

An introduction to bot management, a 4-step, data-driven approach to building a great bot
  • Session info: Wed Sep 6 at 4:00 pm
  • Location: Embassy Room (Terrace Level) at Washington Hilton

Chatbot operators: this one’s for you. In this session, we’re going to equip you with the knowledge you need about how to manage a great bot. 

We’ll break down the steps of a typical bot improvement sprint, showing you what data to look at, how to interpret and analyze the results, how to identify improvement priorities, and most importantly, the best way to report success to your executive team.  

Featured presenter: Jay Athia, Sr. Director of Customer Success, Wysdom AI

Meet the Wysdom Operations Center: chatbot analytics software
  • Session info: Wed Sep 6 at 2:25 pm
  • Location: Demo stage at Washington Hilton

The key to building a great chatbot is having access to conversation data, coupled with the right analytics that helps you track how well your bot is automating experiences, delivering high CSAT, and achieving cost targets. 

With the Operations Center, chatbot operators have the data, tools, and insights to do just that. We’ll run through our most valuable functions including: 

  • Bot Automation Score, Bot Experience Score, and Agent Experience Score: three top-level KPIs that summarize bot performance for easy understanding 
  • Conversation Topics: AI-based technology that classifies both virtual and live agent interactions into topics, for simplified search and discovery
  • Conversation Analytics: where you can see how well you’re automating topics, understand the customer experience for every conversation, and drill down to the transcripts for in-depth analysis
  • Virtual Agent Analytics: where you can analyze the performance of your bot corpus, including NLU performance, false positives, repetition rates, and more, and also find all the messages your bot can’t understand

Featured presenter: Jay Athia, Sr. Director of Customer Success, Wysdom AI

Speaker information

Ian Collins, CEO at Wysdom AI

Ian Collins, CEO of Wysdom AI, is a seasoned entrepreneur and visionary in Conversational AI. His expertise extends over two decades, during which he has honed his skills in the domain of enterprise software. While he has an entrepreneurial background with a portfolio including ventures like Wyrex, Mobile Diagnostix, and Clickfree, it’s his visionary work in Conversational AI that stands out.

Working with leading international brands, Ian is a champion of chatbots and Conversational AI, for delivering positive customer experiences. At the helm of Wysdom, he guides the team to deliver the Wysdom Operations Center, chatbot analytics software. He is equally known for the bot management framework, a structured, data-driven approach that helps chatbot operators improve the quality and performance of their virtual agents. 

Ian’s enduring passion for innovation and commitment to fostering growth in the tech sector has positioned him at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge solutions to global enterprises.

Jay Athia, Senior Director of Customer Success at Wysdom AI

Jay Athia is an experienced conversational AI professional with over 10 years of expertise in analytics and solutions. As an engaging speaker, he has addressed large audiences, sharing his knowledge of chatbot analytics and Conversational AI. Jay collaborates closely with customers to optimize their chatbot performance through the bot management framework. 

With an MBA from the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University, he currently oversees Customer Success at Wysdom, focusing on the Operations Center chatbot analytics platform. Jay is passionate about helping businesses succeed in their Conversational AI journey and is excited to share his knowledge and expertise at VOICE & AI 2023. 

Registration Information

For info on how to register or buy tickets, costs, and deadlines, check out the event website at voiceand.ai/2023-tickets 

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from Conversational AI industry leaders!
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