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January 10, 2017

CrowdCare Corporation, provider of the world’s most advanced multi-channel enterprise bot solution, today announced that the company has been granted its first patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The invention behind patent number 9,529,579 relates to customer care systems and a dynamic engine to configure software applications on electronic communication devices including smartphones, tablets, TVs, entertainment systems, vehicles and navigation systems. CrowdCare also holds more than a dozen additional pending patent applications that are expected to further advance the company’s intellectual property (IP) protection strategy.

“A bot requires as much context as possible to truly understand the customer’s situation and this patent allows our Wysdom solution to gather rich context in a unique way,” said Jeff Brunet, President and co-founder of CrowdCare. “It’s an incredibly exciting milestone to have our first patent granted. We’ve been filing patent applications since we started this business and our team has been working extremely hard to lay the foundation to safeguard CrowdCare’s proprietary technology. Patents and IP are critical business assets for all great companies and we are really hitting our stride now, especially as Wysdom has emerged as the most effective multi-channel enterprise bot powered by artificial intelligence.”

The CrowdCare patent covers technology that provides visibility into smart devices without updating the software. A flexible framework sitting on both the device and the server tells the device how to reconfigure itself at the application level. This is accomplished by transmitting information about the device’s operating system, firmware version and make and/or model. Based on the information received, the server instantly determines the device type and capabilities, then sends code, scripts and API lists to correctly configure its software application(s). Any future changes are made on the server side and the device application is automatically updated through a network connection.

This system and method enables a distributed bot that reduces the overhead and complexity of managing application fragmentation across multiple devices throughout their lifecycle.

“It is extremely difficult to keep up with the software that is remotely installed on all the smart devices in our lives – from smartphones to learning thermostats and other IoT devices like a smart fridge or stove. Our patented software sits on a remote device, listens to the server and sends out information needed to request and receive unique code to configure the exact device model with a deeper level of functionality,” adds Brunet. “When a consumer asks a question to a Wysdom product, we always want to gather more data and fully understand the situation. Our patented technology gives us the ability to see into consumers’ unique devices without having to update software or firmware.”

About CrowdCare

CrowdCare offers the world’s most mature multi-channel enterprise digital care solution to deliver fast, effective and personalized answers to customer questions. Telecommunications companies around the world rely on CrowdCare’s Wysdom solution to deliver exceptional automated answers to their customers while increasing satisfaction and loyalty and reducing customer care expenses. With millions of actual customer questions analyzed over many years, Wysdom is the most effective enterprise digital care solution in the market today.

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