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Bringing Wysdom to Wellness: Digital Technology Supercluster Announces $20 Million Digital Wellness Project

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Wysdom is proud to announce a $20 million project to develop a new digital wellness platform called Wellbeing.AI as part of Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster. The goal of Wellbeing.AI is to leverage AI-powered chatbots or virtual agents to help customers better understand their physical health and mental fitness. The project will be developed in partnership with Lululemon, Microsoft, Mitacs, and Queen’s university.

“Funding isn’t that difficult to come by, what’s really difficult to come by is being able to collaborate with companies like Microsoft, Lululemon, Queen’s University.” says Jeff Brunet, President and Co-founder at Wysdom. He continues on to mention “It’s a founder’s dream and there’s no better place to build a product.”

To learn more about the project, check out the Betakit article.

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