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What you will learn

  • ChatGPT, generative AI, and large language models (LLMs) explained, in plain language
  • Examples of how to apply generative AI in your virtual agent operations
  • The expanding need for chatbot analytics, to manage enterprise LLM chatbots with confidence
  • A first look at a ChatGPT powered chatbot and what this could mean for your business

Since OpenAI hit the market with ChatGPT just a few short months ago, it has rocked the world of Conversational AI and contact centers. Every week, there’s a new development; challenging digital product teams, chatbot owners, and CX leaders to rapidly grasp this new technology, wondering how it is impacting their operations, and figuring out the best path forward. 

That’s where we come in. Join us for our webinar, “ChatGPT & virtual agent analytics, designing and managing enterprise chatbots with confidence,” where we’ll provide an overview of ChatGPT and how it’s impacting chatbots. We’ll share insights on how to activate it today in your virtual agent operations, and where the technology is evolving. Don’t miss out on your chance to learn how you can build enterprise experiences with confidence.

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