Wysdom.AI, provider of the world’s most advanced cognitive digital care solution for the enterprise market, is pleased to announce that Karthik Balakrishnan has joined the team to SVP, Technology. Balakrishnan has over a decade of hands-on, proven global expertise in emerging technologies and implementing intricate platforms and solutions for telecommunications and enterprise during his time at Amdocs, with senior positions at their offices in India, Cyprus, the US, and Canada.

Wysdom.AI SVP Technology Karthik Balakrishnan

“To have a global leader like Karthik join Wysdom validates our hard work and success in the artificial intelligence space,” said Wysdom.AI President, Jeff Brunet. “Karthik will drive growth, not only for Wysdom, but for our clients and partners with his knack for effortlessly connecting technology, processes, and people – all with an eye on the future. I’m absolutely ecstatic for us to roll up our collective sleeves and transform AI-based digital care, with Karthik’s insight and deep enterprise expertise.”

Prior to joining Wysdom, Kartik held several senior roles internationally at Amdocs in India, Cyprus, the US, and Canada, contributing to the building of the company’s long-term organizational objectives and leading technical personnel through complex multi-year, multi-million dollar transformations. At Wysdom, Karthik’s progressive strategic guidance and expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence will help shape the company’s roadmap and software architecture and help enterprise businesses of all sizes take advantage of Wysdom’s cutting edge AI solutions with his legacy backend system expertise.

“Like all past breakthrough technologies, AI and machine learning are at the peak of their buzz phase. This is a vexing time for enterprise businesses; they’re forced to move quickly and ride this wave. They face more questions than actual solutions along with promises that are far disconnected from reality”, said Balakrishnan. “As an avid technocrat, I’m incredibly excited to help enterprises connect the dots between so many emerging technologies – some of these are truly redefining the fundamentals of software and applications, like Wysdom, the industry’s most mature cognitive care solution. It showcases how AI can transform digital care as we know it.”

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