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The people behind the machine

Wysdom provides a unique Virtual Agent Operations service, continuously analyzing and optimizing every conversation ensuring our customer’s virtual agents are always performing at their very best. There are many tasks that take place every day as part of virtual agent operations and it takes a team with diverse skills to ensure that every aspect of the chatbots are optimized.

Here are a few of the things the virtual agent operations teams are always working on:

Model Training

Training an ML-based system never ends, as it needs to continuously learn new questions, commands, language and contextual clues from actual customer behaviour which is then fed back into the system. These can range from an enhancement of algorithms to augmentation of training vocabulary and word-embeddings used in deep learning.

Content Optimization

Once your virtual agent is live, we are always running analysis and looking at ways to further personalize the content and customize journeys unique to your brand.

  • We fill gaps with custom content and map it to the appropriate customer journeys (including any brand-specific terminology)
  • We help you create contextual answers that might be missing and prepare them for future training processes

Context Optimization

Context is important to integrate into a conversation to better understand the customer’s needs. We look into how and why context has helped satisfy a customer, where additional context can be valuable, and adjust messaging accordingly.


Our team of linguists performs their own analysis on the system data and compare it with global trends. This ensures your systems always respond to end users appropriately and in modern and audience demographic appropriate parlance.


We have machine learning & artificial intelligence experts who work on the algorithms that underpin the virtual agent technology and create new models for future use. We have teams of back-end and front-end developers who work on integrating the virtual agent platform with enterprise systems, creating and updating the SDKs and APIs.

Conversational UX Design

The conversational flow and channels supported are critical to an exceptional customer experience. Through our understanding of AI capabilities and limitations, we will redesign and reformat to meet or exceed end user expectations.

UX Design

The placement, language and aesthetics of your virtual agent will have a significant impact on customer experience. We work with enterprises to integrate graphical elements within your system, customizing the SDKs to exactly match the enterprise’s brand guidelines and requirements.

Business Analysis

It is critical to understand the ROI on a virtual agent given they require a material investment of time and money. We can identify challenges your AI can help overcome through automation and conversation and the corresponding revenue generated and savings. Once your system is live, we continue enhancing its effectiveness and report on specific needs.

System Support

Our virtual agent DevOps teams ensure 99.99% system uptime using fully automated monitoring and scaling to optimize performance, security and availability. Zero downtime upgrade support is available.

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