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It’s Time to Retire Traditional Disposition Analysis and Use AI to Study Customer Experience

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Many call centre executives and managers in the enterprise struggle with a lack of visibility into the reasons customers contact a company for millions of customer interactions, and how typical contact-centre metrics look for those specific topics. 

We hear from contact-centre leaders all the time. “When we’re trying to understand why customers contact the support centre, all we’re getting now is inaccurate disposition analysis. We would love to know things like the hottest topics with customers, what customers are unhappy about, top things customers are trying to do, top products customers are looking for, and more insights for other teams.” Often there isn’t a resolution code that accurately describes a case well, and in many cases agents aren’t diligent in selecting the correct code. The result is that customer experience leaders have become disillusioned with disposition analysis.  The current method has been described as almost useless.

With the introduction of Wysdom Conversation Analytics, all that is about to go away, by using machine learning to mine conversations and determine a customer’s “contact reason”. 

Conversation Analytics helps organizations truly understand why people reach out to the contact centre, uncovers insights that lead to better virtual agents, marketing visibility, contact centre efficiency, and much more. It does all of this near live with the power of advanced AI models that are getting smarter at knowing your customer day by day.

By studying conversational data, we can understand the voice of the customer and their true needs and wants with the brand. Also, the analytics derived from raw conversations serve as a better indication for customer satisfaction through sentiment analysis rather than traditional survey methods that are rarely responded to and often skewed.

Below are some examples of ways we can use Conversation Analytics:

  • Understand, measure, and track what customers talk about when they contact you
  • Explore metrics, such as volume, handling time, sentiment, and more – by contact reason
  • Dive deep into contact reasons, quickly identifying and comparing trends across metrics
  • Track competitive, campaign, and product mentions, and more – by contact reason
  • Track the impact of changes to contact centre metrics, by contact reason
  • Drill down to view sample messages and read individual conversations

Wysdom’s Conversation Analytics 

Find out what customers are asking your reps, get a pulse on the emerging topics and issues, gauge the level of satisfaction of your customers when discussing certain contact reasons, and what contact reasons are primed for automation by virtual agents.

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