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The current crop of self-care tools are generally ineffective and in many cases drive mobile customers to call into a contact center, the opposite of what they’re supposed to deliver. Sure, customers can view bills, make changes to their services and browse for new packages, which is a great leap forward compared to 10 years ago, but this doesn’t address a very important area of self-care which is to provide support for the amazingly varied questions customers have about their wireless devices and services.

Even if we didn’t realize it, we have all been trained by Google that answers to any question are now just a few keystrokes away at the end of a search bar. We expect to enter a question using the words that pop into our heads at that instant, and then get a decent response in a few seconds.

Typically, when customers use a mobile app, a support section of a website or Google, and they type in a question they receive far too many suggested answers. Then the customer must wade through all of these answers to see which is the most relevant to their specific situation. For example, if I am having issues viewing a video on my smartphone, I really want to find answers related to the specific version of my device, my network, my operator, my services and any other parameters that may be relevant. This is the context that Wysdom uses to deliver the most targeted and relevant answers to customer questions.

Research confirms that current self-care tools are not answering the millions and millions of questions customers have about their products and services*. Communication service providers have an especially heavy burden answering their customer’s questions related to account and billing, network and device issues with the growing number of devices and subscribers.

Today, customers prefer self-care through mobile apps or web sites that are simple to use, convenient and provide the right level of interactivity. We all have busy lives and we want to get back to them, not spend hours on a phone waiting on hold to get support. And with the number of wireless connected devices expected to grow to 50 billion by 2020, this is going to become more and more important as we add connected devices and digital services in our lives.

At CrowdCare, we are passionate about helping to create the best self-care experiences on the planet with advanced customer care solutions. We have have rolled out our Wysdom cognitive self-care platform at Rogers Communications, a Tier 1 wireless provider in NA. By adding context to Natural Language Processing (NLP), when a customer asks a question using the Rogers Device Aid mobile app, powered by Wysdom, they get quick, effective and personalized answers to their questions. Thousands of data points from the device and other sources are considered to deliver the most relevant answer automatically, so 90% of customers self-serve without having to escalate to other customer care channels. Rogers has dramatically improved the way their customers get information and support for wireless products and services.


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