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Businesses evolve, customer language changes, competition repositions, companies release new products and services. Business never stops.  Because of this, conversational AI in the enterprise will always need a human’s input to learn new things.

This could be a customer sharing a problem never encountered before, a Virtual Agent attempting to respond to terribly incorrect grammar, or even something as simple as a customer getting a fact wrong. If your business sells shoes and then starts selling flowers, your Virtual Agent won’t learn that on its own.

Because Virtual Agents are working 24/7 and constantly engaging with customers and prospects, they need to be learning regularly, which requires a good teacher. 

The best virtual agents require multiple experts with diverse skills to continuously learn. 

For companies with very capable virtual agents that are integrated with enterprise systems, and can process transactions and perform complicated tasks for customers; you’ll need a team of experts who can analyze, guide and direct training, and step in if something goes wrong.

Without a team overseeing your virtual agent, you run the risk of not knowing when things start going wrong. The typical result is unhappy customers, lost revenue, or worse. 

The more your conversation AI system learns, the better prepared it is to deal with whatever comes its way, and when it’s presented with something new, you’ll have a team in place to teach the system how to handle it. 

The people behind the machine. 

A typical virtual agent operations team includes strategists, experience designers, data scientists, solution architects, implementation engineers, and other specialties. It’s not always prudent for companies to hire these experts permanently, because it can be difficult to keep everyone busy full time. 

Outsourcing the difficult parts of virtual agent operations means more time in the day for your team to focus on your business. And when your virtual assistant is delivering great service, your team can worry less about current performance and focus on roadmap or other growth tactics.

So although conversational AI needs a teacher when it comes to language, who those experts are will have a huge impact on the effectiveness of a virtual agent. 

Wysdom can operate a virtual agent on any of the top platforms, and our virtual agent operations teams have the expertise, experience, and state-of-the-art tools to deliver the bot your business and customers deserve. 

Give us the difficult parts of virtual agent management

Knowing your AI is working optimally so your team can focus on more important tasks. That’s real Wysdom. If you want to know more about how we can improve your virtual agent, contact us.

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