Toronto, Ontario (September 22, 2017)  C Spire, a diversified telecommunications and technology services company, is expanding its partnership with Wysdom.AI (formerly CrowdCare) to power the firm’s artificial intelligence-based digital customer care across all of its lines of business.

C Spire recently completed a successful 90-day pilot program using Wysdom’s solution to help answer some of the more than 15,000 frequently asked service questions from customers of the company’s wireless communications unit, which is the largest privately held provider in the U.S. The trial was the first of its kind in the U.S. telecommunications industry.

Based on the pilot’s positive results, C Spire has agreed to expand the use of Wysdom’s revolutionary AI-based digital customer care solution in its other customer support channels. Wysdom allows customers to receive support when they choose and on their preferred digital channels.

“Wysdom’s AI platform will help our customers self-support across all of our lines of business, including wireless, home services, and enterprise in the future,” said Craig Jackson, vice president of Customer Operations for C Spire. “Machine learning platforms such as Wysdom support our “customer inspired” promise by providing fast, accurate, consistent, and proactive customer service.”

Wysdom said C Spire has a reputation of investing in the latest technology to improve the customer experience in its retail environment as well as other associated customer care channels, predicting that more U.S. telecom companies will adopt AI-based cognitive customer care by 2020.

“C Spire is a leader and an early adopter when it comes to strategy and tactics that make it easier for customers to do business with the company,” said Arif Hirani, vice president of Sales and Business Development for Wysdom. “They know that their customers are their biggest asset and they go to great lengths to provide service that reflects those values.”

“Wysdom’s AI platform will help our customers self-support across all of our lines of business, including wireless, home services, and enterprise in the future,” Craig Jackson, VP, Customer Operations, C Spire.

Wysdom allows companies to increase customer satisfaction by using AI to power their digital customer care across all channels, including Facebook Messenger, online chat, and apps, in English, Spanish, and French. With a robust corpus boasting over 125,000 telecom-industry specific questions understood and a 97.5 percent precision rate, partners using Wysdom’s solution have experienced a containment rate over 60 percent on customer inquiries.

Wysdom’s cognitive care solution continues to learn from user interactions, and educates itself every day to make those interactions better for customers. “The bottom line for us is that this approach results in faster support and resolution of customer issues through our digital channels,” Jackson said. “It’s all about making C Spire easier to do business with on whatever channel our customers prefer.”

Jackson said AI-based digital care is one of the pillars for a solid, 21st century customer care platform. “Wysdom will help us efficiently satisfy and answer more customer inquiries, and let them control how and when they choose to contact and interact with us, making it effortless for our customers. We’re looking forward to expanding the partnership and improving our customers’ experience even more.”

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