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3 key takeaways from Ian Collins on Sales Talent Agency podcast

Last month, our CEO Ian Collins was a guest on the Sales Talent Agency Podcast. He, along with host Asad Zaman discussed Wysdom’s trajectory and culture, Ian’s history of founding companies, and the future of conversational AI and Virtual Agents. Here are some key takeaways from their conversation.

#1-  It takes analytics to make Virtual Agents great

Asad Zaman: 

Let’s give everyone a high-level overview of Wysdom. What does Wysdom do?

Ian Collins: 

In larger organizations, chatbots are having a lot of conversations, in the millions. And to really optimize your Virtual Agent for revenue and cost savings, the primary needs, which is what you want your chatbot to do, you really need to review every single message. In large companies, this is millions and millions of conversations that your customers have had with your Chatbot.

So Wysdom has a conversation intelligence product, a whole suite, where we analyze millions of these conversations and identify how to evolve that Virtual Agent for maximum revenue, and maximum cost savings. That’s the core of what we do. We’ve built this suite over the last couple of years and we’re focused on helping our clients really make their chatbots great.

#2- Virtual Agents are the future

Asad Zaman: 

Tell us a little bit about the evolution of conversational AI, from your point of view, as a founder building this space. Where do you think this space is evolving?

Ian Collins: 

There’s been a realization that analytics is very important in the chatbot world to really maximize revenue and maximize cost savings. We’re seeing this acceptance today. 

In the next five years, I think we’re only going to see massive acceleration. Like most technologies, chatbots began in the enterprise, moving down to mid-market and a lot of midsize companies now. It started with a billion dollars and up kind of revenue and moving down now to that middle market, probably $100 million up to a billion are starting to adopt, we’re gonna see that continue to work down to the SMB (Small and medium-sized business) and even consumer eventually.

#3- Company culture is more than free food

Asad Zaman:

For a while, people had lost focus in terms of what culture there is. We’re starting to talk about perks in relation to culture. I think that is one of the benefits of the pandemic. Like, if you ask a company, tell us about your culture, within a few seconds they would start talking about things like free food, the foosball table, right? And that you can’t give that to people at home, I think people have really started understanding it’s something else because we still have company cultures, and we don’t have free food. Tell us what an elite professional can expect from the experience working here, and whether you and the rest of the team will be part of this journey. 

Ian Collins:

They can expect the general small business environment, what I mean by that is, people who’ve worked in small and large companies probably realize you get a lot of autonomy, you’re going to cover a lot of ground, you’re not going to get a lot of barriers put in front of you to get the job done. You’re going to have a clear direction, this is what needs to get done. This is where we need to end up, and it’s pretty much up to you to make that happen. You’ve got a lot of room and flexibility to deliver those results with definitely a lot less oversight. Not none, but definitely a lot fewer people with their fingers in your pie. We give people the freedom to make things happen. So that’s number one, in a small business you’re going to cover a lot of ground, get the freedom to execute, and really deliver on the goals that we put in front of people. 

Then, at Wysdom, you’re also going to get the work-from-home experience. We’re a fully remote company, which everybody in our organization really embraces, they absolutely love it, and they would never go back to anything else. They love the freedom and we’ve got some shared office options for people for when it’s safe. We can get together now and then, but people love the flexibility and the freedom and we would never take that away. So that’s what you get, the tools that you need, the freedom you need to deliver a clear set of goals that we need to achieve together, and then we just make it happen.

Listen to the full podcast here: 

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