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Analyzing, optimizing and testing virtual agents on any platform

We use machine learning tools, structured processes, and huge volumes of data to give businesses new ways to study, fix, enhance, and upgrade their virtual agent experiences.

Wysdom makes chatbots great

With over 10 years of bot experience, 75+ bot industry pros, dozens of brand-name customers, and the Wysdom Operations Center, we set the bar for bot management.

What we do

Offer a suite of Conversational AI solutions to help businesses increase customer satisfaction, contain costs, and maximize revenue.

Use specialized analytics, optimization, testing tools and huge libraries of AI training data to ensure clients maximize their Conversational AI ROI.

Help brands around the world outsource specific Conversational AI needs and access experienced Conversational AI specialists.

Our story

We’ve been optimizing NLP systems for our clients since 2014 and have developed proprietary technology that helps businesses optimize and enhance virtual assistants.

2012 — Wysdom founded

Wysdom is formed (as CrowdCare) in Toronto with the thesis that combining natural language processing technology with massive amounts of customer data will provide a much better question answering solution. The initial development team is hiring.

2014 — Hello Wysdom!

Wysdom is launched, with the capability to divert 20% of customer queries and understand 20,000 different questions. Rogers launches their digital care solution powered by Wysdom.

2015 — More platforms, more answers

Wysdom unveils its first multi-channel implementation, opening the doors for digital care on any platform a customer chooses. It can now divert 40% of queries and understand 40,000 questions. Fido chooses Wysdom to power their digital care.

2016 — Making innovation official

Wysdom is granted its first patent for its unique cognitive care solution, can now divert half of all customer queries and understand 60,000 questions. Conversational support is added.

2017 — New name, same care

CrowdCare relaunches as Wysdom, borrowing the name from their industry renowned cognitive care solution. Wysdom can now divert 60+% of customer queries and understand 120,000 questions.

2018 — More partners

Wysdom joins Microsoft Partner Network to deliver businesses their full-stack virtual assistant solution and now understands 210,000 questions and 4,800+ customer intents.

2019 — More tools, more capable virtual agents

Our portfolio of optimization tools grows, adding an array of new analysis, modelling, training, testing tools and other features.

2020 — Doubling down on analytics

During an unpredictable year, Wysdom focuses on new analytics tools, partners with Google Contact Center, and continues growing the Conversational AI capabilities of our clients.

2021 — Launch of the Operations Center Suite

After years of operating virtual agents for large enterprise clients, Wysdom made its Operations Center software, the suite of tools that the Wysdom team has been using for years, available to new clients. Wysdom also partnered with Microsoft and Amelia expanding the virtual agent platforms supported.

2022 — Opening up to any virtual agent framework

The Wysdom team has deployed and optimized virtual agents on behalf of our clients across most of the industry’s leading platforms. From the big cloud vendors to open source virtual agent platforms, Wysdom can design, build and operate them all.

Who we can help


Businesses with conversational interfaces

Enterprise customers who need or already have a virtual agent and want to make it better and smarter.


Virtual agent platform providers

Sales and client service leaders who want to ensure their client deployments are successful.


Consultants & systems integrators

Technologists responsible for implementing, integrating, or providing analytics for virtual agent systems.


Creative & product agencies

Account and creative teams working with a client to launch and improve conversational user interfaces.

Our partners

We work with a huge ecosystem of providers to ensure your Conversational AI solution suits your business.

Our leadership team

CEO, Co-Founder

President, Co-Founder

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Engineering Officer, Co-Founder

SVP, Sales & Marketing

SVP, Customer Operations

VP, Strategy and Innovation

VP, Product

VP, Marketing

Sr. Director, Customer Success

Sr. Director, Client Services

Sr. Director, Client Services

Director, Research & Product Development

Director, Finance & Corporate Services

Senior Marketing Manager

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