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Mar 18, 2020 | By Brent | Share this article

COVID-19 is creating a lot of uncertainty, fear, and questions from customers, leading to unprecedented call volumes across the globe. While we have yet to know the full impact coronavirus will have on businesses, for support centres it presents numerous challenges. 

In Europe, we’re seeing increased pressure on day-to-day operations, such as:

  • unprecedented call volumes
  • fewer staff to service the calls
  • phone systems crashing from volume
  • increased customer frustration
  • overloaded IT and digital teams

Given upcoming pressures facing call and support centres in North America, we’re trying to make it easier for large companies who haven’t yet implemented automated self-service options in their websites, apps, or phone systems, by offering a 30-Day Conversational AI Acceleration Program. 

This program is designed to help large enterprises set-up and see results from automated self-service within 30 days. 

 “Our acceleration program uses templated connectors to popular enterprise systems such as live-chat, authentication, or billing systems, and a company’s historical customer data to leapfrog much of the bot setup effort. For companies, this means no need to procure a platform, build a team, get it up and running, and learn how to improve the AI.” says Ian Collins, CEO of Wysdom.AI.  “Our teams will take on all of the work with almost zero requirements from our clients who are extremely busy with this crisis.”

Get in touch today to see if your company qualifies for our  30-Day Conversational AI Acceleration Program.