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Aug 7, 2019 | By Brent | Share this article

Conversational AI is a big investment. After dedicating time and resources to it, you will surely want to see it succeed. Successful AI will reduce costs, improve your customer service and keep customers happy. However, failed AI will waste time and frustrate customers. As an experienced provider, we are happy to share our knowledge on why AI fails, and provide insights on how to ensure your bot succeeds. 

Our latest whitepaper on the 5 Reasons Conversational AI Fails and One Way to Guarantee Success is written by our industry experts to help your organization learn more about how to succeed with your own conversational AI deployment. Below is a snippet of the reasons why AI fails, and what you can expect by downloading the whitepaper: 

Why AI Fails:

1. Too much focus on the AI and not enough on the ecosystem it lives in

 Conversational AI is not successful on its own. It needs to work within the technology ecosystem it lives in, and integrate with other platforms, processes and knowledge bases to drive value. 

2. Not enough effort put towards training the AI

In order for your conversational AI to thrive, it needs to be trained and optimized daily. An unsupervised bot will let both you and your customers down. 

3. Not setting or adapting to new metrics

For AI, there are far more metrics than there are for standard IT applications. Having an accurate understanding of its performance will assure you can manage your AI properly.  

4. Trapping the value of AI in silos

It is important to adopt an omnichannel approach when implementing conversational AI. This encourages a much larger AI strategy, one where AI data and insights are shared across the organization. 

5. Insisting on a DIY approach

Successful conversational AI is far from “plug and play”. It requires humans to actively train, optimize and manage the AI, ensuring it learns every day. 

Download our Whitepaper on the 5 Reasons Conversational AI Fails and One Way to Guarantee Success to find out more.