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Aug 6, 2019 | By Brent | Share this article

Deploying conversational AI is an exciting step for any organization. However, its very easy to underestimate what it takes to release your very own virtual assistant. The journey to deploying a successful bot will take lots of time, money, consistency and good data. If built correctly, your bot will be a wonderful addition to your team. But in order for this to happen, there are some unavoidable truths about the reality of Conversational AI you’ll need to face. 

Truth #1: Launch Day is not the Last Day

While launch day may feel like the exciting end to your conversational AI  journey, it is actually just the beginning. It is unrealistic to expect a bot to be perfect at launch, but with every customer question it encounters, it will optimize and get one step closer. Your bot will learn the most from real-life customer questions. Keeping an eye on customer behaviour and analyzing different phrasing and intents that your bot encounters will help you train and optimize your AI to ensure it is satisfying the needs of your customers appropriately. While it is important to train and prepare your bot for every imaginable scenario prior to launching, it is impossible for your team to anticipate all of the questions, phrases, and intents your bot will encounter from your customers. That’s why optimization, especially in the beginning stages when your bot is first learning, is critical.

Truth #2: Good Conversational AI takes time

Building an intelligent virtual assistant is not easy. The intelligence and success of your virtual assistant will be a direct result of the effort put into its development. Chatbots that are “plug and play” are very rarely intelligent, but instead rely on flow charts based on key terms to arrive at conclusions. If you can not dedicate the time to develop a useful bot, then it is better to delay the process until you are fully prepared to give your bot the training it needs, or hire a provider who can. No bot worth having can be made in twenty minutes. The first iteration of your bot should never be the one you rely on. Ongoing optimization will allow for your bot to keep up with your brand and your customers, as well as improve your digital experiences.

Truth #3: Your AI is only as good as your data

Your AI will only be as useful as the data you train it with. No matter how intelligent your bot is, it will not succeed if you do not provide it with the right training data to help answer your customer’s questions. To assess the value of your data, it is important to remember that sheer volume does not necessarily mean you have useful data. It is important to feed your AI the content that will help serve your clients – such as FAQs, historical chat logs, specific product information, and solutions to common support or customer issues. Your ultimate goal is to ensure your bot is an extension of your brand. This means you should train it with data that will help it understand your products and the way you speak as a company. The more good data that your bot has, the more likely it is to satisfy your customers and provide a delightful experience. 

Should you choose Wysdom for your conversational AI, your bot will have access to the Wysdom Exchange – our proprietary shared library of AI models, customer journey templates, intents, phrases, responses, and small talk that grows every day. This means your underlying AI will constantly learn and draw on the experiences from other AIs in our care, in addition to learning and optimizing from your customer interactions.  

Let’s face it – Conversational AI is a long-term commitment. On one hand, this means you need to recognize the truths about conversational AI and dedicate a substantial amount of time and effort to it, but it also means it will be a valuable tool for your organization and customers for a very long time. When it comes to deploying a virtual assistant, you cannot cut corners. You’ll need a committed team, resources, and good data to continuously train and optimize your AI daily so it will learn and get better every day.