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Apr 23, 2019 | By Wysdom.AI | Share this article


A lot of virtual assistants in the market are failing. They are failing to satisfy customers and they are failing to constantly learn. We’ve already discussed what you need to know about conversational AI performance guarantees, but do you know why it is vital to have one? Deploying a successful virtual assistant requires the right combination of technology, ongoing optimization and AI training – and sadly, there are a lot in the market today that continue to deliver a terrible customer experience. All new technologies face challenges in the first few years, and conversational AI is no different. That’s why experienced conversational AI vendors should be able to offer a performance guarantee on things like NLU accuracy, resolving a specific % of customer issues before a live interaction is required, and achieving high customer satisfaction.

When your Conversational AI experience is planned well, deployed on the best technology and optimized every day by an expert operations team, the vendor should be able to guarantee the performance of your system. With it, you would ensure you’ve made a good investment, guarantee an ROI, and know you’re delivering the best customer experience possible.

When virtual assistants first hit the market a few years ago, companies rushed to experiment with them because they were new and interesting, and provided an easy way to dabble in the AI space. This led to a lot of promising trials for either employees or small groups of real customers to test. However, the purpose of conversational AI is not to experiment – it is to satisfy customer needs efficiently and improve customer experiences across communication channels. Today, these same companies are taking the next step and implementing conversational AI at scale.

If your company is at this next stage, ask for a performance guarantee so you can minimize the risk of failure. What you are buying is not technology, but happy customers, and you should expect some form of guarantee to ensure you actually get what you pay for.

No one should have to worry about investing in a failed solution in a new and emerging tech space. As we’ve mentioned before, there are two distinct approaches to conversational AI, white-glove and do-it-yourself that may affect the level of performance you can expect. If you choose the managed white-glove approach, you should expect a guaranteed level of performance.  If you go the do-it-yourself route, it’s impossible to expect any performance guarantee from your vendor as you’ll be responsible for most of the work, including optimizing and managing your own AI training.

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