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Sep 24, 2018 | By Matt | Share this article


Choosing to implement a Conversational AI strategy within your organization is not an easy decision – it requires diligence, preparation, and validation from a variety of business areas. But now that you are ready to navigate the world of virtual assistants, cognitive search, and conversational IVR and take the next step towards digital transformation, it can be difficult to get started and evaluate the growing list of vendors operating in the space. With so many vendors and platforms on the market, knowing which ones are actually using AI could be the difference between choosing the right partner or not for your business.

We understand how challenging it can be to begin this evaluation process. The first step usually involves developing a comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP) document and issuing it to a handful of experienced vendors. However, developing an RFP that includes all of the important information you need to look for can be time-consuming and overwhelming. How do you know what questions to ask and what kind of answers you should be looking for?

Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and have put together a handy RFP Template for Conversational AI to help your organization get started and hit the ground running. By downloading the template, you will learn the right questions to ask potential vendors, discover the key components required to build and deploy a successful solution, acquire the information necessary to decipher between the vendors who actually use AI and those who do not, and gain access to a detailed scoring system to help evaluate and choose the right partner for your business.

Who is this RFP template for?
  • Procurement Teams
  • Digital Decision Makers / Change Agents
  • Digital Consultants
  • C-Suite
Why do you need this template?
  1. Help your organization ask the right questions to potential vendors as you begin the journey towards digital transformation
  2. Learn about the key components required to deploy a successful conversational solution
  3. Better prepare your organization for deployment
  4. Help define appropriate use cases for virtual assistants, cognitive search, and conversational IVR
  • Go to market much faster
  • Gain insight on what is required to deploy a successful solution
  • Know the right questions to ask potential vendors
  • Better prepare your team for success
  • Understand the use cases that make the most sense for your business
What is Included in the RFP Template:

As the only comprehensive conversational AI service available, we know a thing or two about implementing conversational AI solutions and what to look for when selecting the ultimate partner. Built on nearly a decade of research and patented technology innovation, Wysdom transforms the way conversational AI learns from customers and gets better every day. With cutting-edge AI management tools, a unique technology stack, a massive library of AI training assets, and an AI training practice to ensure your solution performs at its best, we have immense experience helping enterprises digitally transform their customer experiences.

That is why we decided to create this RFP template in the first place – to help organizations get started on the right foot and confidently implement their own conversational AI strategies. Below is a glimpse of the table of contents so you know what to expect from the template:

Table of Contents

1.Virtual Assistant Technology Stack

  • NLP Pipeline
  • Personalization & Context
  • User Experience
  • Dialog Management
  • Search
  • IVR
  • Technology & Architecture
  • Integration
  • Privacy & Security
  • Roadmap

2.AI Operational Tools

  • Tools
  • Operations
  • Performance & Monitoring
  • QA Tools

3.AI Team

  • Company & Team
  • Partnerships
  • Previous Experience
  • Pricing
  • Deployment Plan

4.AI Assets

  • Bootstrapping
  • Predefined Intents & Utterances

Ready to start evaluating vendors and implement your own conversational AI strategy? Download the RFP template.

By downloading this RFP template, there is absolutely no obligation to engage with Wysdom.AI. Although, we are here and happy to help if you need it! 🙂


Download your free conversational AI RFP template today