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Aug 13, 2018 | By Matt | Share this article


With the artificial intelligence industry expected to grow to $52.2 billion by the year 2021, it’s no surprise cognitive customer service spending is leading the growth and providing new AI use cases for the enterprise. Forward-thinking organizations have already incorporated machine learning into their processes to both improve their bottom lines, and provide better customer service experiences for their customers.

As consumers increasingly prefer to converse and transact with brands through digital channels, enterprise adoption of virtual assistants, chatbots, mobile messaging platforms, and cognitive search solutions are on the rise. In fact, research from Gartner suggests chatbots will power 85 percent of all customer service interactions by the year 2020. But why is AI-based digital care so effective?

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5 Reasons Why AI-based Digital Care is the Future of Customer Service pulls from Wysdom’s experience helping enterprises implement effective solutions for their digital care transformation. Read on for a snippet, and click the image below to download the full report.

1.True 24/7 Customer Service Environment
The use of cognitive search and enterprise virtual assistants provide a true 24/7 customer service environment for organizations looking to establish an edge over their competitors. Customers are able to get the help they need through the channel they most prefer, regardless of time zone or jurisdiction, both quickly and efficiently.

2. Empowering Customer Service Agents
AI-based digital care empowers customer service agents, allowing them to spend more time solving challenging and complex issues instead of repetitive tier-1 support tasks. This enables enterprises to retain their skilled agents in what is oftentimes a high-turnover role.

3. AI Is Only Trained Once, With Continuous Learning Capabilities
With some AI-based solutions, you only need to train the system once. Wysdom’s Cognitive Data Exchange is already familiar with over 250,000 questions and 5,100 intents from 40 million end-users worldwide, and continuously learns with every new search query or data input.

4. Increasing Demand For Self-serve And Digital Options
Consumers are increasingly reliant on the convenience of chat, virtual assistants, and voice-enabled technology. With millennials leading the shift towards more digital experiences, enterprises need to adapt to ensure they cater to the digital needs of their current and future customers.

5. Reliable Scale, Speed, And Consistency
AI solutions provide unbiased reactions and answers to customer issues and search queries far better than their human counterparts. It also uses the same tone of voice, escalates issues with ease, and is able to record and update service tickets without any errors, providing a consistent level of customer service.

For more details on the top 5 reasons why AI is the future of customer care, download our full report.