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Jul 18, 2018 | By Matt | Share this article


Telecommunications companies are already on the forefront of AI-based digital support. By the nature of the space they operate in, and the competition in their field on prices and devices, these companies attempt to differentiate themselves by the support they offer to their subscribers, and are rewarded by contracts which are based on customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, there is a different story emerging with another side of their business: prepaid wireless plans, and in turn prepaid wireless support.

Prepaid wireless divisions are almost like a separate business within themselves, with different use cases, rules, instructions, and levels of support. In many cases, a potential customer can and might activate a prepaid account by themselves, without an agent, and this is by design. Offering the same type of support to a prepaid customer without a contract that an enterprise telco offers to their subscribers will cut into the thin margins which are the reality of prepaid.

With a widespread digital transformation inbound, and the levels and methods of support that enterprise offers its customers drastically changing – just look at Verizon’s newest offering: Visible, a prepaid branding effort which is serviced entirely within its own iOS app.

How does a telecommunications enterprise take advantage of the scale and savings offered by AI-based support solutions and cognitive digital care? Furthermore, a lengthy support call from a prepaid customer can potentially rival, if not completely eclipse, the revenue one collects from that customer on a month-to-month basis.

Powering the best customer experiences for brands

Solutions like Wysdom offer an enterprise – and its ancillary brands – options and pathways to tackle this challenge, whether expanding service from its main offering or brand, or creating a  new support experience based entirely on its prepaid brand assets.

From day one, Wysdom’s solution draws upon the power of it’s AI data exchange, understanding 230,000 utterances and 5,000 intents. This means many common support questions asked by prepaid customers (What’s my bill? How do I pay my bill? Where can I get a SIM? etc.) are understood immediately, with an enterprise only having to define the correct answers to these common queries.

That’s an immediate start for prepaid providers in AI-based support versus cycles of data mining and system building, only to determine you may not have even identified the most common support cases.

Messaging and AI-based channels

Most prepaid support articles and pages are buried on a carriers site, and include a myriad of question-and-answer formats collected over time. Wysdom uses your own resources and data to give you detailed analysis of customer intents and maps them to your existing support articles. From the outset, customers are quickly finding the correct information without escalating to an agent.

This alone is an exponential step forward in the speed and accuracy of support you provide. The beauty of Wysdom ensures that the knowledge learned and provided through messaging on your site is available through other social channels, smart home devices, and IVR. The same questions customers are asking through chat on a website, can in turn be asked on Twitter, Facebook Messenger or Apple Business Chat, and through connected devices like an Amazon Echo or Google Home.

These interactions evolve, just like your product offerings. Wysdom listens to your customers questions, monitors their interactions, and trains the AI to respond through the digital channels prepaid customers prefer.

Wysdom is the right choice for fast entry into AI-based support for prepaid wireless, with flexible, cost-efficient tools that evolve alongside the quick moving space. Contact us for a more indepth demonstration on how Wysdom can help your wireless brand take the next step in cognitive care.