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May 22, 2018 | By Brent | Share this article

TORONTO, May 22, 2018 – CIO Applications has named Wysdom.AI one of their Top Ten Chatbot Solution Providers. As a multi-channel cognitive care solution, Wysdom helps enterprises deliver automated AI-based support to their customers across all digital channels.

Chatbots are seeing wide adoption across many industry verticals, and quickly becoming the standard for customer service. In the wake of these developments, CIO Applications assembled a panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, industry analysts, and CIO Applications’ editorial board, to select the leading providers that exhibit competence in delivering mature chatbot solutions.

Recognizing A Data-Driven Approach

“We are glad to announce Wysdom.AI as one of the Top 10 Chatbot Solution Providers 2018. Wysdom.AI ticks all the boxes. They provide definite, detailed personalized support through AI powered chatbots and are making a mark on the industry, while simultaneously elevating it. That’s why they’re in the Top Ten,” said Joe Phillip, Managing Editor of CIO Applications.

With four years of operational experience in telecommunications, insurance and finance, Wysdom provides the framework, tools, and a massive AI training data corpus to enterprise clients to deliver their cognitive customer care. An experienced team of AI experts continuously trains the system, ensuring these businesses provide the best customer experience via whatever channel their customers choose. Wysdom’s unique Cognitive Data Exchange is updated daily with activity from over 30 million end-users and boasts the top 220,000 questions, 4,900 intents and continually growing.

“Our selection by CIO proves our approach to cognitive care is the right one,” said Ian Collins, CEO, Wysdom. “The best artificial intelligence solutions are driven by the best data. Our years of in-market experience, massive corpus, and cognitive data exchange ensure we have the best data to get enterprises up and running on day one with AI-based support solutions. It’s fantastic to see that recognized formally.”

Wysdom Awarded 2 New Patents

As well as the CIO selection, Wysdom was recently awarded 2 new patents. The first relates to a dynamic configuration engine for edge devices, using a server to dynamically configure software applications on an edge device. The second invention provides a method for creating standard customer profiles by gathering and analyzing similar profiles and then using this reference to optimize for similar situations.

Read more in Collins and Wysdom President Jeff Brunet’s extended interview in CIO Applications. Learn more about Wysdom’s full stack cognitive customer care solution here.


Wysdom is the most mature full-stack virtual assistant platform that uses machine intelligence for customer journey management over social, web chat, voice, and smart home devices, giving businesses a powerful new way to connect to customers, answer questions, and complete purchases using natural language.