CrowdCare Corporation, provider of the world’s most advanced multi-channel enterprise Bot, is pleased to announce that its Wysdom solution is now available in Spanish, English and French. With growing demand around the globe for automated customer care solutions, the team behind Wysdom has added Spanish language support to quickly serve a broader market. A tier one US wireless carrier will be the first in the world to roll out the Wysdom multi-channel enterprise Bot solution in Spanish.

“This represents a huge leap forward for the emerging Bot industry,” says Ian Collins, CEO of CrowdCare. “There is so much hype around the deployment of Bots but there are only a handful of Bots out there that are actually in production taking millions of real customer questions and satisfying those customers in multiple languages.”

Enterprise customers around the world have realized that a single channel Bot, serving just one channel such as Facebook Messenger, will satisfy only a tiny portion of their customer care needs. A centralized multi-channel Bot serving mobile apps, including social, voice, chat and web channels, in multiple languages is the only viable long term solution to ensure high customer satisfaction.

The secret to a great automated Digital Care strategy is to nail the system training and do it from a centralized system. A good Bot solution will analyze every question from every customer every day from every channel and use that data to continuously train. All of this must be done in multiple languages. With this requirement to continuously feed the system, doing it more than once for each new question/solution is not scalable and much more labor intensive.

To learn more about how a multi-channel Bot solution can increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer care expenses visit CrowdCare in Berlin and Dubai in Dec, 2016. The CrowdCare team will be in Berlin at the Partnering Operator Alliance Summit Dec 1st and 2nd and in Dubai at the Telecom Review Summit on Dec 13th.

About CrowdCare

CrowdCare builds the world’s most mature multi-channel enterprise Bot solution helping the enterprise to deliver fast, effective and personalized answers to customer questions. Customers around the world rely on CrowdCare’s Wysdom solution to deliver exceptional automated answers to their customers increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty while reducing customer care expenses. With millions of actual customer questions analyzed over many years Wysdom is the most effective enterprise Bot solution in the market today.