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Elevate the performance of your virtual agent

Innovative software and solutions to help you improve the performance of your chatbot, so you can better engage your customers with Conversational AI.

Leading brands choose Wysdom to boost the performance of your intelligent virtual agent.

Power up  your virtual agents with Wysdom

With 10+ years of Conversational AI experience, 75+ bot industry professionals, Operations Center software, and dozens of brand-name customers, we are here to help you improve the performance of Conversational AI.

Bot management software and solutions, to help you build a Conversational AI program with impact.

Chatbot analytics software for conversational AI Wysdom Operations Center
Wysdom Operations Center

Self-serve chatbot analytics software giving you deep insight and clarity into automation and experience of your virtual agent.

Professional Services

Innovative software and solutions to help you improve the performance of your virtual agent, so you can better engage your customers with conversational AI.

The Wysdom Difference

Actionable Insights

From behavioural analytics to training data and response diagnostics, Wysdom identifies customer experience breakdowns and highlights the causality chain of events, the root cause of your bot’s inability to handle customer requests, and tasks to improve virtual agent performance.

Domain Expertise

Depth of experience and expertise in large-scale enterprise deployments, implementing and optimizing conversational AI, managing compliance and risk, and collecting data across highly regulated industries including banking, telecom, retail, utilities, financial services, and more.

A Trusted Partner

When you partner with us, you get assigned a team of specialists in different fields, trained on dozens of specialized bot optimization tools ready to help meet your objectives.

Constant Learning

Our insights offer learnings that can be shared across your business teams while continually enhancing the virtual agent’s algorithmic performance, journey maps, and digital assets, to ensure you maximize your investment in AI.

Conversational AI expertise to augment your chatbot program.

Conversation Analytics

Developed to help chatbot teams better understand the performance of their virtual agent, the Wysdom Operations Center is a purpose-built analytics software for conversational AI.

Virtual Agent Implementation

Leverage Wysdom’s breadth and depth of experience, industry templates, and KPI guarantees to get up and running quickly on the bot platform of your choice.

Virtual Agent Tune-Ups

Soup-up your virtual agent with Tune-Up services done by experts using specialized AI diagnostics tools and AI training data to fix issues.

Virtual Agent Operations

Fully outsource your conversational AI needs to a team with cross functional expertise working to optimize the customer experience for your AI applications.

Great Virtual Agent require 3 things

VA Experts

Leverage Wysdom breadth and depth of experience to understand your needs, get up and running fast, continuously improve on the bot platform of your choice.

Operations Tools

You want great visibility into the performance of your bots. Wysdom's operations tools will process massive volumes of conversation data, detect patterns, analyze customer behaviour and sentiment and identify issues.


Data is the oil of AI. Conversational AI needs a continuous stream of curated training data to keep learning how to deliver value to your customer.

Expertise in all the top virtual agent platforms including:

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AI is changing the face of customer experience

Lightning-fast support, instant access to personalized advice, and answers to questions 24/7. All at a fraction of the cost.

You can…

Uncover insights based on what your customers are asking

Asset 72@2x

Improve the customer experiences on any channel

Offload AI management to our team of expert linguists, developers and strategists.

Your customers can…

Enjoy personalized, concierge-like service

Buy, engage, search, inquire and learn

Seamlessly transfer between AI and human

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