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Accelerate your path to success

By taking advantage of our turnkey service, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that your AI is working optimally, with minimal management on your end. And since we deliver as-a-service, we’re able to agree on and commit to achieving specific KPIs.


Enhance your AI with a massive, ever-growing shared library of AI models, customer journey templates, intents, phrases, responses, and small talk to make your AI more robust and the fastest learner in the industry.


Improve AI performance and gain more insights with access to our suite of AI management, journey design and customer insight tools.

AI Optimization

Have an experienced AI team — including linguists, conversation designers, engineers, editors, analysts, and translators — working together to optimize your AI experience daily.

NLP Infrastructure

Unlike most DIY bot toolkits, our state-of-the-art AI NLP infrastructure allows you to better understand customer conversations, and personalize responses based on unique customer data, creating more relevant conversations.

Cross-channel consistency

Whether a customer reaches out over chat, through search, on the phone or through a smart device, your company’s Conversational AI instance will capture their intent, questions, information, preferences and behaviours. And the learnings from one channel will be instantly available in every channel.

Virtual Assistant

An AI messaging solution that answers customers’ questions; helps them buy, transact and find information; and, if necessary, directs them to someone specific on the phone or live chat. And all the information it collects is passed through so agent sessions are fast and effective.

Smart Talk

Let your customers stay connected to your brand without lifting a finger. Smart Talk is a voice-based virtual assistant available on a smart device like a smart speaker or smart phone that talks through platforms like Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri and Cortana.

Cognitive Search

A perfect add-on to complement your other Conversational AI, delivering high quality data that helps your AI learn, and satisfies customers more than traditional keyword search. When someone asks a question, your AI will understand what they’re saying and provide only the right answer. And because your Cognitive Search tool is optimized daily, it improves relevancy over time, leading to more precise results, faster interactions and happier customers.

Conversational IVR

Make your customer service experience better by letting your customers speak with your Conversational AI naturally when they call in. Everything learned in all your other channels becomes instantly available in your IVR, and vice-versa, allowing for faster learning and better responses.

Multi-channel support

Expand your AI across multiple channels, devices and languages.

AI is changing customer experience

Delivering lightning-fast support, instant access to personalized advice, and answers to questions 24/7. All at a fraction of the cost.

You can:
  • Uncover insights based on what your customers are asking
  • Improve customer experiences on any channel
  • Offload the management of your conversational AI to our team of optimization experts, developers and strategists
Your customers can:
  • Get quick answers to questions, 24/7
  • Enjoy personalized, concierge-like service
  • Buy, engage, search, inquire and learn
  • Seamlessly transfer between AI and human

Is your business ready for Conversational AI?

Learn what it takes to assess Conversational AI vendors, get a comprehensive list of questions to ask potential vendors, and get an easy-to-use scoring system to ensure you choose the right partner.

Partnerships with industry leaders

We work with a huge ecosystem of providers to ensure your conversational AI solution suits your business.

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Enterprise software expertise

Part of making Conversational AI successful is integrating it with the right enterprise systems and applications to ensure it has all the data needed to interact with customers. Wysdom readily integrates with popular enterprise systems such as:

Industry Expertise

The best AI solutions are built around the best data. We’ve focused our business on industries where we’ve captured knowledge in the Wysdom Exchange. This can benefit Conversational AI deployments in many other industries, and our AI team brings each client a combination of expert perspectives, fresh ideas and breakthrough business insights.

Financial Services
Consumer Goods
Travel & Hospitality

Win the customer experience battle

For many of our clients, a great product or service at the best price point isn’t enough anymore. Outstanding customer experience is the new differentiator. When every touchpoint has it, you’re in great shape. And if you can offer it 24/7, you’re golden.